Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cup cake topper girl

What you will need:

1.       Fondant or gumpaste and color it as you like
2.       Lollipop stick or bamboo stick
3.       Cutter or small knive
4.       Spuit (optional ,just for cut the head)
5.       Edible ink pen
6.       Water for the glue

how to make it:

1.       cover lollipop stick or bamboo stick with fondant.( around 5 cm x 1 cm).
2.       cut fondant with spuit for the face.
3.       Make the skirt for the front
4.       Make body and attach head , body and skirt with glue to the stick which the part cover with fondant
5.       Draw eyes and lip with edible ink pen
6.       Make hair and cover the head from up to back the head. And make little hands attach them at both side of the body .
7.        Cut 2 pieces the fondant with skin color for the feet , attach it with water at skirt and if you want draw shoes with edible ink pen.
8.        Make other skirt and attach it at the back of the stick
9.       If you like, you can make belt and little flower in front of the hand.
10.   Now topper ready for the cupcake.


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Cool)) my friends would love it!

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