Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Boy

Now time to Christmas.......

how to make it:

1. cover cupcake with fondant skin color
2. prepare knitted material
3. press red fondant to knitted material to make knitted pattern
4. cut red fondant half moon to make hat.
5. attach red hat to the cupcake
6. attach white fondant at the bottom of the hat.
7. press fondant tool to make line of the hat
8. make 2 holes for the eyes and make lip
9. attach 2 balls of white fondant to make eyes.
10.draw the eyes
11.make thin ball  for the button tip for make outliner pattern
13. press the tip to make holes of the button
14. attach to the hat .
15. the christmas boy cupcake is ready

you can find too at Bird party magazine

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