Thursday, August 18, 2011

simple head figure girl cake topper

Today I'll show you how to make simple easy head girl figure cake topper . I use non toxic silicon stamp from belle shop 

so easy  everybody can do it

How to make

1. polish silicon stamp  with white vegetable( crisco) or corn flour. Make ball with fondant skin color.
2. push fondant ball to the silicon head stamp
3. pull it from the stamp
4. make 2 small balls for the ears
5. attach with water the ears to the head.
6. paint the eyes with white food color
7. draw eyelasses and eyeliner with black food color
8. draw black pupils with black food color
9. paint cheek with pink food color
10. make hairs with black fondant attach with water to the head
11. attach small ball red fondant to the head to make small ribbon
12. attach red fondant to the neck part , make red collar.

now is can put on the cake


Miss cuisine said...

It's great. I'll put a link to your tutorial on my french blog on the 14th of november

marda said...

Thanks miss cuisine....

Lorie said...

You've made it look so easy even I might try it!

marda said...

Thanks Lorie...:))

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