Monday, November 19, 2012

I win gold medal!!!!

Yay...  I got medal at   at Bologna , Italy.
I had taken 2 categories but only one win, the international. (there was 9 categories).the second place is Russia and the third is Brazil.

so now there are the photo and the photo of another beautiful cakes from all categories... enjoy..!

I win yay!!!

my cake

me with  Greggy Soriano


Bird said...

Oh WOW!! HUGE congrats my love! You deserve it!!! Your cake is STUNNING!!!! ♥

Marda D Ekowati-Maccaferri said...

Thank you Bird for all your support... :)

Sweet Batik said...

Congratulations! So proud of you! Sudah bikin nama Indonesia harum juga di luar negari ^_^

Dina salah satu penggemar blog resep bebas gluten..

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