Friday, October 28, 2011


I love blue because i love smurf.......

how to smurf it:

1. make blue fondant ball for thehead
2. make small ball for the nose
3. attach with water nose to the face
4.make hole of the eyes with fondant tools
5. attach 2 small balls white fondant to the eyes
6. draw pupils with paint brush black food color
7. draw black eyebrows
8. draw lip with black food color
9. make balls for hat from white fondant
10.make tear drop shape
11. fold at the end of the hat
13.attach hat to the head
14.make 2 small balls for ears
15. push with fondant tool for make ears holes
16. attach ears to the head

now the smurf ready


Peggy said...

Ahh this is so cute! Love the tutorial =)

MsFoxsSweets said...

Very cute!

Marda D Ekowati-Maccaferri said...

Thank you all....xoxo

Michelle said...

super cute!!!!

Best Cakes Boston said...

Lovely pops! Thanks for sharing.

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